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What can you cut, engrave and 3D print?

Laser cut Cardboard Sheets

Cardboard and Paper - Cut and engraved.

Composite for laser cut and CNC

Composite materials can be cut and engraved.

Laser engraved glass

All glass can be laser engraved.

Laser cut moustache

Most plastics can be cut and engraved except Vinyl ( PVC ) There are Vinyl free alternatives.

Laser engraved sunflower

Wood - Cut and Engrave

MDF CNC and Laser

Mad made board - Cut and engrave.

CNC Aluminium

Metal - Some Aluminium can be cut. All metals can be embossed.

Fabric for laser cutting

All fabric can be cut expect PVC or anything that contains chloride. Some fabric can be laser engraved.

Leather for laser cut and engrave

All leather can be laser cut and engraved.

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