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Laser Cutting & Engraving Services

Turning your idea into a laser cut product is simple: send us your artwork, file or image and we will convert that into a digital vector file, and start laser cutting and engraving. We will work with you to optimise the digital file for laser cutting, taking into consideration the material you are working with and the product you are creating. If you are new to having your product laser cut or laser engraved we will work with you to produce prototypes to ensure you are happy with the final product.

We have several laser cutter machines that can cut different materials including acrylic, leather, wood, MDF, fabric, paper, card and other specialist materials. We will talk to you about what you are looking for and ensure the correct material is selected for you. Based in Cardiff we know a number of wood and plastic suppliers in the local area so we can quickly get the right material for your design.

Send your design to or give us a call on 07876134428 for a quote.

Laser Cut Acrylic cogs
Materials we can laser cut and engrave


Wood | MDF | Ply

 The majority of our work involves laser cutting & engraving wood, MDF or ply. These materials are suitable for cutting any size shapes or for intricate laser engraving. We offer a prototype laser cutting service so you can see the laser cut effect on a particular material. With these materials we have made signage, parts for children's toys, stencils, frames, wedding decorations and business branded products. 

Laser Cut MDF Mandala
Laser Cut Stencil R2DR
Laser engraved wooden sign - Same Man Cave
Card and Paper

 We can cut card, cardboard, uncoated paper and art paper to create stencils, bespoke invites, unique packaging or greetings cards. We will work with you to ensure the correct material is chosen for your project and we provide a prototyping service to laser cut card and paper before finalising your product ready for laser cutting. 


 We can laser cut an extensive range of plastics, including acrylic, polythene, EVA and of varying thicknesses.


We spent the summer of 2020 laser cutting face shields for the NHS during the Covid-19 pandemic. Whilst this was our biggest project by far, we have done numerous other projects for businesses and individuals using varying types of plastic. We have created large business signs, branded counters for snooker queues, house numbers and large installations for artists.  

Laser cut acrylic sign in a. moustache shape

We can laser engrave metal to a high-quality finish. We have worked with steel and aluminium to engrave plaques, keyrings and other keepsake items. We can also use laser engraving on industrial parts for product labelling and traceability.


 A number of different fabrics can be laser cut, including leather, cotton, polyester, eco-PVC and felt. We can provide a test cutting service to demonstrate how the material will respond to laser cutting or laser engraving to ensure you will get the result you are looking for. 


We have cut locally sourced Welsh leather for bespoke travel bags, felt for theatre puppets and fabrics for costumes.  

Laser Cut Leather logo
Who we supply laser cutting and engraving services to



We work with architects to laser cut their architectural models in a variety of different materials. We understand the precision needed for such models and our precision laser cutting machine allows us to effectively and efficiently cut different model pieces. 


As we are based in Cardiff we often to assist architect university students with their projects. 


Businesses come to us to create laser cut signs to advertise their business, engrave branding on merchandise, small batch production and laser cut products for sale.

We have recently worked with a local tattoo artist to create a sign for their new store; a British apparel brand to engrave sunglasses and create branded beard combs; and a local deli to laser engrave their logo on to wooden cheese boards.



​Our ability to create exact replicas means we are ideal to assist engineers with small batch production.

As well as laser cutting parts we can also provide laser engraving services for product labelling and traceability.

layered laser cut topographical 3d map
ser engraved chopping board
Laser Cut Foam Circles

We frequently work with artists, turning their designs and ideas into bespoke pieces. We can work with you to turn your design into a digital file ready for laser cutting.


So whether you are looking to laser engrave your art on to a new material, laser cut bespoke frames or use laser cutting to create a multi-layered stencil, give us a call. 


Laser Cutting Services
Wedding Planners


We know that the personalised touches can make a wedding day all the more memorable. 


We have worked with wedding planners to create laser cut wedding signs; laser engraved wedding hangers for members of the wedding party and designed and laser cut wedding favours. 

LAser engraved wedding clothes hangers
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