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3D Printer, upgrade, repair and support.

Get your 3D printer repaired or upgraded by us


Studio T has extensive experience in repairing and maintaining 3D Printers. 



What makes us different? 


We will repair or upgrade any 3D Printer.  We don’t sell 3D printers so we don’t have any interest in trying to sell you a new 3D printer. We only charge for parts at cost price.  Engineers that will repair any machine are rare, we will travel or you can put the printer in the post. If the quote for a call out is more than you can afford or its a struggle to pay for it we will try and tie it in with another job in your area or on the way so you can share the travel costs. 



Telephone support.


Some of these issues can be sorted out over the phone if you feel you are capable. Most printers are and we realise that people are on a budget and run a small business. We try to avoid a call out if possible.


Keeping the cost of repair down.



We either providing the parts at cost price or give the customer links to order the laser cutter parts themselves. We only charge for the labour and travel costs.

3D Printer motor
3D Printer upgrades


 Most of the 3D printers purchased in the UK are from Chinese manufacturers.  They are budget machines that require a lot of maintenance or learning until they work reliably. We don’t make any money on parts and only charge you for the labour costs. If you are thinking of upgrading, need a repair or would like us to set up and assemble a 3D printer for you we offer this service.



Common issues with 3D Printers



Not extruding properly

Extruder broken

Bed not level

Motors over heating

Hot end not hot enough

Nozzle worn or damaged

Wrong type of nozzle for the material

Prints lifting off the bed

Plastic stringing

Layers separating

Ringing ( vibration in the print )

Failed power supply.



Common upgrades for 3D Printers


Printer bed upgrade

Hot end upgrade

Conversion from Bowden to direct drive (E3D, Bondtech, Mosquito etc )

Logic board upgrade to Bigtree tech, Duet; including stepper driver upgrades to Trinamic drivers

V wheel to linear rail upgrade.

Raspberry pi and Octoprint server

12 volt to 24 volt upgrade

3D Printer
Brands of 3D Printers we can upgrade and repair (depending on the problem and brand)













Many others

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