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We repair, service, maintain and upgrade laser cutters and 3D printers across the UK including Wales, the Midlands and the South of England.  We will travel to many of the major cities, such as London, Reading, Bristol, Cardiff, Birmingham, Leicester.


We service many brands of laser cutter including HPC, Boxford, Chinese Laser Cutters and all other types.

laser cutter tube
laser cutter parts
laser cutter motor

What makes us unique?

One of the few independent laser cutter & 3D Printer repair companies. 


We don't add any thing on to the price of materials or parts.

We work on a weekly calendar, so we can repair your laser cutter faster than other companies.

We work with cottage industries, Schools, Colleges, Small, Medium and Large Businesses.

We also provide training.

Our design and laser cutting services:


We design and make signs, one off items & small batches for artists, production companies, weddings, businesses and individuals.

laser engraved chopping board
laser cut sign
laser cut stencils

We specialise in:

3D & 2D design, laser cutting and 3D printing.

3D Printed Model
laser cut gifts
laser cut wedding sign

What makes us unique?


Short lead times


Duty of care at all stages of production.


Local material suppliers where possible. 


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