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Laser Cutter Repairs, Upgrades and Support


Laser Cutter Repairs


Studio T is an independent laser cutter service provider for all different types and brands of laser cutting equipment across the whole of the UK. We have extensive experience in repairing and maintaining laser cutters and can offer competitive and cost-effective repairs and services. 


We will fix any laser cutter. We don’t sell laser cutters so we don’t have any interest in trying to sell you a new laser cutter or parts. We understand that machine downtime costs you money so we will try to assist you as soon as we can. Engineers that will repair any machine are rare and this means we may have to travel quite far to get to you. If we can, we will tie your laser cutter repair in with another job to reduce the cost for you. 


During an onsite visit, we will diagnose the issue with your laser cutter and do our best to get it up and running again. If you require parts we can advise you on appropriate and cost-effective suppliers and advise you on the installation of new parts. This can be done onsite or over the telephone, depending on your preference. 

Brands of laser cutters we have repaired


Thunder Laser






Chinese generic





Common issues with laser cutters


Low power 

New laser tube needed

The laser judders

Grinding sound

Engraving ghosting

It doesn’t cut square

Red dot doesn’t work or is intermittent

x or y axis doesn’t move

The laser power gets weaker the more you use it

The mirrors get hot

The laser won’t cut in certain places

The laser tube is cracked

Electric shocks

The lid is broken

The bed isn’t level

The switches don’t work

It doesn’t home

It loses position

It doesn’t cut circles properly

The tube overheats

Worn out or dirty mirrors

Worn out or dirty lens


Laser Cutter motor
Laser Cutter Support


If you are experiencing issues with your laser cutter and you need some technical support give us a call on 07876134428. 


Some minor issues can be resolved by speaking to one of our experienced technicians. This is a quick and cost-effective service where we will do our best to diagnose the laser cutter problem over the phone and provide you with some advice and guidance to fix your machine. If we are unable to resolve the issue over the telephone we will arrange a call out to provide onsite laser cutter support. 

Laser cutter tube
Laser Cutter Upgrades


We can assist you with laser cutter upgrades to turn your machine into the effective engraving and cutting device that you need for your business. 


Laser cutter upgrades may include: 

  • Replacing mirrors

  • Replacing lenses

  • Installing a higher powered laser tube and power supply

  • Upgrading the controller 

  • Re-building your laser cutter bed 

  •  Installing air assist to reduce burning 

  • Upgrading extraction systems 

  • Changing the belts or motors to improve movement


If you are considering a laser cutter upgrade give us a call on 07876134428 to discuss your current machine and what upgrades may help it work better for you. Whilst we do not stock laser cutter parts, we know a number of suppliers and can advise you on your laser cutter upgrade purchases. We can also 3D print laser cutter parts in carbon fibre or CNC metal parts where purchasing parts is not possible. 

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